01 Forks work excellant now!!!

Did a 2nd oil change on my bike and I decided to experiment a bit on fluid viscosity and volume.

Had some Factory Connection fluid leftover from my CR days and decided this stuff is too expensive not to use. It is 3wt, I believe the manual calls for 5wt and std oil ht is 130mm.

I went with 110mm and set the clickers as a starting point at 12 out on both compression and rebound. Wow, :) the 1st min on the track I felt a HUGE difference as they were now plush and took away the harshness the 01's are famous for. I did not do a single adj all day and am extremely pleased with the suspension front and rear.

btw I weigh 162 and race 40 Expert in the AZOT.



That's bad news about your suspension :)http://communities.msn.com/FPilotsPhotos

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[This message has been edited by F-Pilot (edited 02-13-2001).]

:) Hey I gotta do all I can to keep up with the Jones's LOL

How much does Tim pay you to mess with me anyway! I know he's a rich and all....

Where's Paul in Phx anyway, we gotta get some mud-slinging going on in here!

See Ya Sunday,


Here's some slingin', good thing you guys aren't in the AZOT amatuer class, you'd be swimming in my wake now that I have the 250F under my monkey butt...

Paul in AZ

All righty dats what I like to hear!!! :)

Now Paul once you learn to ride with the big boys, you better get a good chest protector cuz we throw rocks not pebbles! :D

I'll be looking for you in practice!


Man, I'm sick of hearing how "great" these 250F's are! First one I see Sunday is getting the full wrath of my 426's new rear meat!

Paul, you better watch out :)


#5 Exp

I got chunks of guys faster than you boys in my stool!


The Chairman

Tomorrow, I'm gonna make you my bitch... :)


G-man, you hit those fork settings right on the head! I went in and made the same fluid/settings changes this weekend and it was great! Definetly took the "sting" out of those slap down landings.

No problemo Tom, glad I could help. I'm a new 4-stroke owner myself and have learned a BUNCH from these guys, so I was hoping to spread the LOVE!!! :)

I will not havta do a thing to this bike, just keep on some fresh rubber.

btw I just tried a Michelin MH2 front tire that worked great, definately that is my tire of choice now.

So what kind of fork oil did you use?

Is the Yamaha oil 3 or 5wt?



You should have been at the ROTMX at Sunrise when you were on your Sabatical in SoCal.

I'm only an amatuer, but I may have bumped myself for one day, just so I could throw some roost on you.



Holeshot's Page

Well well well, looks like we have some territorial trash talking going on here! :)

Holeshot, you better start practicing cuz the next time I come out there (AMA National at Glen Helen) I will give you some lessons free of charge!!! :D


G-man, got any of the secret fork fluid left over? If so, come on over and work your magic on my bike. I won't charge you anything to work on the new 250F...

Paul in AZ

Paul "in AZ",

Yea I got some fluid for your bike, but it's not fork oil. :)

As far as working my magic, I have a 2001 YZ125 in my Factory right now I'm working on, and he's paying me!

So why did you mess with the jetting?


I rode the new 250F twice before the race Sunday and had the "bog". I read a post on the 250F forum and jetted to what those guys said worked for them - wrong! Stock jetting was much better. I am going back to stock and play with the air screw some. I can live with the stock setting, just trying a few adjustments to see the results, it's easy to do so why not.

No kidding, let me know when you finish the 125. I wouldn't mind trying your suspension oil/settings. I am clueless about this stuff so I'm willing to let someone who knows these things take charge. Call me when you can 480-891-8442 days.

FYI, we are planning to ride at Goldfield and Baseline Wednesday or Thursday after work - around 4:00 if you would like to join us. There are a few good jumps there and a little track of sorts, close for after work rides.

Paul in AZ

Originally posted by Paul in AZ:

"I am clueless about this stuff so I'm willing to let someone who knows these things take charge."

No I'm gonna havta CHARGE you for my services! :D

Finished the 125 at 2am this morning!! :)


Are you available on Saturday G? I'll bring the bike by if so. Call me when you can...

Saturday should work, I will call you tomorrow.


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