Hit Man

Thanks for letting us park at your site. Did I leave a bag of Peanut butter,Jelly and a loaf of bread at your site? If so I am sorry for that. I did not mean to leave my mess for you to clean up. It was also my lunch for the ride home so it was not intentional. Sorry about that. It was great riding/meeting you. See ya soon


Mike, Not a problem, anytime you guys come up feel free to stop by the site. Which I'm sure you guys won't be up that often, seeing how far you had to drive. And my son will eat the peanut butter and jelly, sorry you lost your lunch. You and brian are good people, I had a blast on my yz's first ride. Hope to ride with the two of you again. Talk to ya later!!! ~Hit-man


00' yz426f LATER DAYS!!!

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