New to board

I have been on this board since Saturday when I picked up my 01 YZ426. I have already posted a few times but, have not said hi yet. Well Hi :).

This is a great board. I have already found info from starting the bike to starting a race.

I live in the Houston area, Copperfield, and like any type of riding. I have been out of the sport for eight months due to a broken collar bone, compound facture. I thought I was done, but I guess I wasn't.

Of all my bike this is the coolest. My neighbor with the ZX12 did have the bragging rights as the loudest toy on the block. Not any more.

I did the turn out the light thing in the garage to check out the glowing header pipe. You guy's do relize it makes one cool bug zapper :D

My wife says I'm 36 going on 12.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

Yeah when I first got my bike, it was rainy for the next 2 days...and I started it in the garage A LOT!! and I was amazed about the glowing header (be careful though it burnt a hole in my brand new Thor Cor3 pants :) )!

You think the stock pipe is loud...I recently put a White Bros. R4 on my 01 426 and it is easily 3x louder, and feels 3x faster too (now it easily drowns out 2 smokes on the track...and the muffler packing hasn't even burnt in yet :D ) Beware the suspension takes a good 3 rides at the track to get broken in, when I first rode the bike, the suspension was way to stiff and harsh. But after a couple of rides it loosened up and now feels silky smooth (i didnt touch any of the clickers)! Hope this helps and Enjoy your 426!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX


A lot of people are running their WB E-series without any disks and without any jetting changes with excellent results. What about the R4? What changes have you made? I haven't been able to ride my scoot yet (due to the snow :) ) but I'm starting to hunt for an exhaust. I've narrowed it down to WB, but the E or R4, I don't know?


Welcome. My wife says the same thing, "You are 34 going on 10". YES DEAR!

I didnt make any changes to the jetting the plug looks perfect "brownish tan" color the only thing I did was turn to fuel screw out 2 1/4 turns (but I also ran this jetting with the stock pipe)

I tried the 168 main and 48 pilot and raised the needle and many other jetting suggestion is KEEP IT STOCK the bike ran extremely crappy with the richer jetting (but started easily)! I also tried 158 main...not much difference but It pulled a tad harder with the 162 main and 42 pilot (stock jets) Hope this helps



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

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