Grips Keep Coming Loose...What Am I Missing?

You are right I spend lots of money on my bikes. No regrets, I am happy with doing it, but I was trying to let our cost minded members know that stuff is expensive for a single serving small tube. :)

Make sure it's cheap, cheap hairspray. That's all I've ever used. My wife had some really expensive good stuff and it doesn't work for crap. The last time I bought a can of Aqua Net. Should last the rest of my life. :)

Like you care. :D

There is a difference between regular money and motorcycle money.

:D :D :):D :D

Ya got that right!

Motorcycle money is the coolest kind :D:). I love to spend it.

Just curious Indy 450, where do you usually ride? I live in Bloomington, and we ride some at Lawerance Co, some in Jackson Co. (Search Motosupreme on TT), and couple other places here and there. Maybe I've seen ya around. I also work in Indianapolis....

:D :D :)

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