07 yz450 vs modded neon srt 4????

I'm looking to get my bike to supermotard fairly soon and i made a bet with a guy that i would be able to beat his 12 second neon srt4 in the quarter mile. I dont know too many people with 450's that can vouch for me so i was wondering what kind of input i can get on this forum. Good and bad, it all helps guys. Oh btw i have smoked a ninja 500 already :bonk:

No one here is likely to "vouch for you", and it will make no difference if anyone were to do so. You made the bet, go run it.

There was thread a while back on Supermto Junkie and it seems a stockish well ridden 450 in supermoto trim can get into the high 12's. If your friend truly has a 12 second car you might be in trouble. First you need to gear your bike tall so you don't run out of steam. You need to hit a 100 to see that high 12 second time. Second you need to learn how to lauch it on the pavement. Launching a YZ450 with 100+ mph gearing on the pavement is no easy task.

I would put my money on your friend:moon:

nah, a neon doing 12's will probably grenade before the finish, id put my money on the yz :bonk:

Alrighty thanks guys. Now i still haven't purchased anything for the supermoto kit so i was wondering if you have any recommendations on how to get a hold of a good quality supermoto kit that isnt ebay garbage but under 2k. I am looking to spend up to $1500 with the equipment to get it street legal as well, (lights, odo, etc)

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