Leak jet?

I never heard back from anyone about this leak jet fix from yamaha! Nobody around here is aware of this fix including the dealers! I am wondering if this fixed the off idle bog? :)

My dealer did the leak jet fix and it took care of all my off idle hesitation. My bike runs great.

Explain the fix ! :applause:Do they fill the old hole and redrill it,or is it a new leak jet? Is this a free fix?Should we all go do it?If it is covered by yamaha how did you get approvel? :)

Hey drzphatkid, I saw the pictures of your sold drz, very trick. How does your tricked out DRZ compare to the WR450F? There is a recent question on the forum regarding a DRZ400 vs. WR426F compare. You might want to give your insight.

Does Yamaha have a tech bulletin on this yet? My dealers know nothing except to put in a 40 leak jet from a 60. How did you/your dealer get the info to do it?

What are your settings there in Idaho that work? I plan on riding there again this year. Awesome trails!


Hey bean ,what jets are you running after the leak jet fix?Please list what you have done to the bike .Like airbox mod,pipe,greywire ect. :)

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