paddle tire-'05 CRF250x

Im currently in the market for a paddle tire for my 250x. Im trying to get out to pismo beach soon and glamis and/or gordens sometime this season but i need to get a paddle tire first forsure. Im thinking that a six cup is pretty standard for my bike, but ive been seeing alot more eight cups for sale, how would that work on my bike? also,would i be able to run a 19inch rear tire if i found a rim and everything? Thanks all.:bonk:

If you did the CCC mods and are not over 200lbs the 8 paddle will be fine. I have been told the 19" will work but never tried it.

I havent done all the mods. my bike has an fmf powerbomb header, WB E2 muffler, open air box and is re jetted.

Those mods get the biggest gains and you will be fine with 8 paddles. Put on a filterskin and check the oil level often. At Pismo, wear all your crash gear, stay away from Sobe bombs, go slow on the shore, and be ready for wind.

oh alright thanks. What are sobe bombs? i havent been there before, were taking my sister back to school up there and thinking about taking the bikes.

Cant say here. Youll see them at night.

oh I gotcha. thanks for all the info man.

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