fix leaking fork seals

I have had a problem with my fork seals leaking. Someone told me about this neat trick to fix it and it worked. I'm just passing this information along. Most of the time it is not busted seals but just a piece of dirt between the seal and the shaft. Take a feeler gauge and stick it between the seal and the shaft bring it around and it will get all the dirt out. This has stopped mine from leaking.



here is another one to help that same problem.

Take one of those business cards from the last dealers salesman that just tried to rape you on a new bike and use it the same way.

You just have to put the corner in first.

Works great and you just throw it out when u are done with it.

Fix your fork seal leak and clean out your wallet out at the same time...........LOLOL



ride BLUE

or instead of using feeler gauge (which can rip your seals) or a business card (which can tear...because it is paper)...I use film negatives they work great and the accumulated dirt will move into the grooves on the side of the film negative! Im sure all 3 ways work...this is just my way to skin a cat!



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Good tips, and they work, and I found that old 35mm film negatives work too...

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