2006 450 clutch disengaging problems

I was up camping over the weekend and my clutch was giving me problems. I would start the bike, let it warm up and when I would put it in gear it would die. I could get it to stay running by bliping the throttle with the clutch pulled in but I could be riding at a low 1st gear speed with the clutch in and the bike would just idle along and not slow down as long as I was on a flat surface. I adjusted it every possible way checked the oil level and nothing helped....even after a good 1 hour ride and slipping the clutch a couple times.

I got home and opened it up and all my plates and springs are within spec and no wear on the pressure plate or the inside of the cover. Before the clutch would engage when I let the lever about 1/2 way out....now it engages about 3/4 of the way out.

I have only had the bike a couple months and bought it from the original owner. He said it was the original clutch.

Did you notice if there were any notches in the clutch basket from where the friction plates contact it? There are always some indentation marks, but if they get too deep, it could cause the plates to hang up and not disengage fully.

Engagement changing that much so soon from half to 3/4 of the lever position is odd, as you would expect it to take a longer time for the plates to wear. With the clutch cover off, and pulling in the lever, does it look like there is a little clearance between all the steel plates and the friction plates?

You should be able to wiggle each of the friction plates to see if they are disengaged.

This may be a long shot, but did you go to a different oil, that may be causing some of the friction plates to stick with the steel or aluminium drive plates?

Wouldn't hurt to just try replacing the clutch plates. Since it's so easy to change them out, you could hang on to the current set, in case that is not the cause, and get more use out of them later.

I have a 2006, and replaced the clutch set with a Tusk from Rocky Mountain, but did not like it compared to the OEM, so put the original half worn plates back in. Check to see what others are using, and like.

There were some grooves in the basket fingers but not too deep.

I was using a Maxima premium 4 stroke oil in a 20-50w. I have used that in all my other bikes because of the hot weather out here in AZ. I reinstalled the clutch and used some Yamalube 10-40w. I had it on the center stand, fired it up, put it in gear and the rear tire stayed still. I havn't had a chance to take it out and put some miles on it, but im hoping the oil was the problem.

How bad was the oil?

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