Warning Be Careful When you Sell Stuff

Just a story to pass along that I think everyone should hear. I live in San Diego and recently had a friend seriously injured because he sold his 96' yz250. The story is that he sold his bike for $2500 and litterally about 20 minutes after he sold it someone called and asked about it. My friend told the voice on the phone it was sold. About 30 min. later my friend and his roommates were watching TV and 2 guys busted through the front door with ski masks on and guns drawn. They told everyone to get on the floor and asked which one of you is "jeff" (my friend). He identified himself and they told him that they know he has a lot of money in the house and demanded it. He told them he didn't know what they were talking about so they pistol whipped him. After that he told them where his cash was that he had just got for his bike. They took it, tied up his roommates, and then shot and stabbed him for lying. My friend is recovering in the hospital right now from this incident with 27 staples in his head, a stab wound right under his heart, and a bullet wound through his gut. The detectives said that the guys that did this were probably either friends of the guy that bought the bike or the person that called after he sold the bike. (This following part blows me away) My friend asked how it could be the person that called after he sold it? In his ad to sell the bike he put his phone # and name only. He didn't know how they could find out where he lived. The detective told him that anyone can call the phone company (at least here in san diego) and for $1 you give them a phone number and they'll tell you the name and address of the person that the # belongs to. After this happening to my friend I'm going to be a little more careful when I sell big items. Maybe I'll use my cell number instead of home since I don't think it can be traced. Anyways this is just some info that I thought some of you guys might be interested in.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

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Sorry to hear about your friend, quite shocking. Please look up 2 Timothy 3:1-5 if you don't mind. Take care and good luck.

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Wow! Sorry to hear this, hope your friend is going to be ok.

I'm glad you posted this story so we can all see how to be more cautious when selling bikes or anything else.

That's troubling news about people getting addresses from the phone co. I hope they can't do it in Az.

I have a story of my own that everyone should watch out for:

Was selling my 90 CR500 and already had new 92 CR250. A guy called and I told him to meet at my house at 3pm. I got home at 2:30 to hide the new bike but the dude was already at my house with his buddy. I showed him the bike and they saw the new one. He said he had others to look at and would call. 2 days later I came home to find my garage door forced open and the new CR gone!(I had sold the 500 already)

With some info from my neighbors I am sure it was the same guys who came to see the bike before, I also believe that had I not shown up early that day they were planning to steal the bike I had advertised.

Two lessons learned:

1- Don't sell from your house if you have an option, meet them somewhere or consign it at a shop.

2- Homeowners insurance doesn't cover motorized vehicles.

Sorry about the long post but hopefully it will help.

My Dearest Friends,

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, how sorry I am to here of your catastrophe! With all my heart and soul, I lift your friend and you up to the Lord and ask for HIS MIGHTY HEALING power to surround you, and to take upon HIS SHOULDERS your pain, and grieving! Know that the Lord has seen your troubles, and shall not let this go unavailed! Cry out to HIM and HE shall return 7 fold what the enemy has stolen from you! By faith, I declare this done in Jesus Name!


Here's how you find out who called you.

The phone companies keep computer logs as to who, or what number requests of information services on a particular number. Because there is reasonable cause to suspect that a request was made to commit a crime, the phone company MUST release information to you, and the police. The important information is what date and time the alledged phoney " is it sold? " call came in.

The phone company can pull its records and find out who placed that call. If the crooks were smart, they made the call from their home or place of work, hence, the local authorities shall pay a little visit.

I know this may take a little work, but its worth it! I've worked for the phone company collectively for 10 years, and I've seen them provide key evidence to crushing crime!





YZ426 Kicks!

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Just to let you know this incident above happened about 3 weeks ago and my friend is doing real good. He looks pretty beat up but he says he feels fine and can't wait to get back on a bike. He is most upset about the money because neither of us have real good paying jobs and that was going to be enough for him to buy a 01'yz426 with what he had saved up.


When in doubt, GAS IT!

Unfortunately, anybody can look up a listed number for free on the internet.


Obviously this won’t work for cell phones though, incidentally that is all I have, paying for a land line didn’t make any sense (nobody *sob* ever calls me *sob*).

That is truly a horrifying story. I’ve sold several bikes, fortunately all to someone I knew. Consignment sounds like a good idea in that you also get to avoid all the stupid phone calls and visits from the clueless.

I don’t know what is said in Timothy 3:1-5 but “What comes around, goes around” works for me. Hopefully the next guy these folks try to rob will surprise them with a belly full of buckshot.

At least your friend is alive to tell about it.


Unfortunitely it is not hard to believ something like this would happen in this day and age.SORRY BOUT' YOUR FRIEND!

I could look up your email or address just from your telephone number.

Email only if you list it with your local tele company but your address is super easy!

Try this.......


number search

type in the state/city etc

pretty bad that the stuff that is meant to help us is used in such a sick way.

The good thing about qwestdex.com is that I have tracked down freinds from the past or motorcycle stuff companies with it!!!!


if you have caller id you can actually track down the address of the number that called you just b4 your friend got stabbed.

They are called reverse search engine and I used to have one bbokmarked but not any more but should be able to track one down somewhere on this crazy WEB "thing"......

GET WELL SOON to your freind.

Get back on that sikl



ride BLUE

From the DRZ Forum: WE are sorry to hear about your friend. We hope for speedy and complete recovery and hope the ones who committed this cowardly act are found and properly punished here on Earth. If they are not found, take faith in they will face a higher power some day and pay for their act.

Again, sorry to hear such shocking news.


Very sorry to hear about your friend and the extremely demented crap that desperate people will do. I do hope that the thieves are caught and pay a very high price. Your friend could have been killed and for what? 2500.00 bucks? I just don't understand how some sick f..ks can act this way....

If I could make some recommendations to the selling community out there, whenever possible, always get a money order or cashiers check. I know money orders are only good up to a certain dollar amount, which is somewhere around 1000.00, so a cashiers check is best. Never accept a personal check of course...... If cash is the only way, do the final transaction at your bank and deposit it immediately. No one every expects someone to do something this crazy, but I know that I've taken many un-necessary risks with cash laying around.

Also, the act of calling about a motorcycle and then stealing it is a known method for thieves. My friend is a cop and has told me many stories. Guys will use a pay phone and call about a bike, get your address to take a look at it, and they won't show up. A day or two later, your bike is gone. Is there a phone record? Yea, from the pay phone across town or from another state. I have my bike locked up with a huge Kryponite Cable to at least make thievery more dificult. But, if a thief wants the bike, they will do almost anything to get it. So, have homeowners insurance if at all possible. Some insurance companies will not cover motorized vehicles, but I have State Farm and they do. I had my mountain bike stolen in Feb. of last year. Homeowners cover it. So, a 2000.00 bike is now back in my garage. Otherwise, I would be out of luck.

Glad to hear that your friend is doing better Khris. Again, my thoughts go out to him and anyone that has had this kind of misfortune.


Sorry to her about your friend and all the people of x-db forum will be thinking of him.

Sorry to hear the tale of what happened to your friend, the bright side is he is alive. I do believe that which does not kill you makes you stronger. I hope he recovers quickly and fully. I know just sharing this info with everyone has made those who have read it stop and think wich has helped us be smarter and stronger. Thanks for sharing and again I wish you and your friend all the best!

Very sorry to hear about your friend. Sounds like he has a real positive attitued and that can be preceless during his recovery, which I hope is fast and 100%. Thank you (everyone) also who posted these stories. Spreading awareness is the best immediate way we have to stop this kind of thing. I for one will thing twice before selling anything from my home!

sorry to hear of it man that s$#T sucks, I as well have had bikes stolen after advertizing them got one call they asked for directions and never showed up next morning garage was jimmied and all the bikes (decent ones) were gone. the guys got cuaght later though doing it to some one else and confessed to several

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