"take it off" chain slider

:mad:If you haven't taken your chain slider off you need to take it off and put some thin foam under it or silicon because it will wear into your swing arm and weaken it

I put a thin layer of "shoe goop" under mine. made it alot quieter.

i put some hard disc drive packing foam under mine..it literally melted after one ride..i dunno what to do with it now

i dunno what to do with it now

use some silicone or shoe goo :)

Don't be so damn cheap and buy the Ty-Davis Slider and Chain Guide block and you'll never have to mess with it again.....

Bonzai :)

It doesn't appear they make one for the 450's yet. It looks like you have to remove the swingarm to install it as well. $75?! That's an expensive piece of plastic!

$75, but well worth it. I think I bought mine off eBay for $50 and its a bargin when you take into consideration it lasts forever and a stocker is like $40 or something.

BTW: Check with Ty's website but Im pretty sure the ones made for Yamaha's are universal. I'll be taking mine from bike to bike so I'll never have to buy another chain slider again.

As long as I stay on blue. :)

I cut out a piece of old innertube and put under mine. It seems to have taken care of the problem.

YAMAKAZE: Don't be so damn rude. I'd never heard of such a device form Ty Davis to correct the problem. Thanks for the tip, just work on the delivery next time.


Bill (Yamakaze) usually isnt like that. He must be having a bad day....

just moon him. :)

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