Dr.D Exhust Repack on 2009 YZ450

Is the Dr. D exhaust repacking the only one I should use on a 2009 YZ450 (with a Dr. D exhaust) or is there another I could use that may stand up better/longer (moose, etc...)

Dr.d is the best packing for that muffler. You can use others but they wont last as long. The only other one I would suggest using would be the FMF premium packing which is a 4 layer packing kit. I have had some luck with these but I still like Dr.d the best so far.

I just repacked with Lexx. Works great!

The moose pillow packing kits are the same as the Dr. D ones, but they sell them for many different pipes instead of just the Dr. D. Personally, I think this style of packing is the best, especially since it is so easy to install.

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