One Inustries tank sticker

I have had the hurricane kit on my bike for about a month now and have had serious bubbling on the tank stickers. I have had 2 other graphics kits on my yz by different companies and never had any problems with bubbling. Has anyone else had this problem? I can push the bubbles out but they return within a day or two. Just by riding the bike my knees will also push out the bubbles but they still come back. Is there anyway to fix this without replacing the sticker. I'm going to get in touch with One Industries and tell them about this but I don't have a phone # or email address. Their website is down right now. Any info would be great.



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I have those graphics and have not had any problems. One industries is located in the 619 area code not sure what the rest of the number is though. You can get it by calling

619 555 1212 and ask for one industries and they should be able to give you the number.

I beleive they are located in san diego but not sure.


619 239 1160

I just talked to them to order a Hurricane kit today but on back order.

let us n=know more about the bubble solution

Very interesting.

and I may need info on fixin' it later!!!!

hope not!!!!


ride BLUE

Thanks for the number. I just called and spoke with them and explained that the kit had only been on my bike for 4-5 weeks and they said that this was the first time they had heard about this problem. They said that it's probably a combo of the gas fumes seeping through the tank and I may have got one that just didn't have a perfectly coated glue surface. Anyways, they're going to send me out a new set of stickers for the gas tank. I'd just like to let you guys know that they're customer service is good and the people I spoke with were really cool. I'm always happy to deal with a company that is willing to help out the customer.



When in doubt, GAS IT!


That's weird - One products are usually top notch. I have always used N-Style but both my brothers always go with One. Like I said - a great product. When you are applying the decals, are you heating them up first? If not, try it - the results are amazing. The heat makes them a lot easier to work with. They will bend around every nook & cranny and almost look like they were painted on. You can use a heat gun but I usually just borrow the old lady's hair dryer. Anyway - I am glad to hear that One stands behind their products and are sending you a new kit.

Have fun.


Kinda off the subject of one stickers....Has anybody here tried the Factory effex graphics? I think they look pretty cool. Im going to get them if I dont hear any bad comments. Thanks


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One of my friends is running a Factory Effex kit on his CR and hasn't had any problems. Thanks for the idea of heating the sticker first. When you do this do you still mist the tank with water and then squeegy (sp?) it out?



When in doubt, GAS IT!

S100, I just installed Ceet graphics on my 400 and they say NOT to use water for the tank as it is a different adhesive. Water ( hot water ) works great for the rest.

Maybe that's where I messed up when I put my tank stickers on? I know I used water but then again I've used water on 2 other kits that I've had. I'll read the instructions a little better this time. I'm also going to use the heat gun like mentioned before. I never thought of that but it makes sense.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

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