Does a 09 engine fits a 06 yz450f?

Hi, I have a lot of job to do on my 2006 yz450f engine (crack in crankcase, crank, piston, timing gear chain, cylinder, ...). Approximatly 1800$. I have the possibility to buy a 2009 engine for 1000$. Does the 09 engine can fit a 06 frame, carb, electronic box, ...? Can I do some modification to fit it?

Thank you!

Thank you! But will the 2009 will be bolt in like the 2008? The guy who's selling the 2009 engine told me that the 2009 engine is less inclined in the frame than the 2006 one (the angle is not the same). I don't know if it's true?

YZ450 engines from '06-'09 are functionally identical, and will directly interchange.

Okay. Thank you for your fast reply!

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