01 wr 426f no balls

Hey I have an 01 WR426, and its slowley gotten less powerful to the point now where it has wayy less power. Its been converted to a "YZ" all plastics, seat and tank and what not, but also the muffler, the cam timing and i beleive thats it. I rode a yz426 from the same year and it was much more powerful, the only difference between them now as far as i know, is the flywheel which apparently makes a considerable difference. Is it an easy swap? Is there anything else i need to know to make it a full conversion, and also what would be making it lose power so bad? I will appreciate any input I can get from you guys, as I am about 270lbs haha, and need all the power i can get outa this thing.


Clean the Carburetor and air filter, adjust the valves, clean the screen in the muffler. then let us know how its doing.

Ok thanks, whats involved in checking the valves? Im pretty mechanically inclined bikes and most things, ive just been away from it for a while.

brl01426... This is a 98 WR400F..


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