2001 WR426 convert to YZ

What are the the real differences between the wr and the yz?

The WR has a wide ratio gearbox vs. the YZ close ratio gearbox, a kickstand, headlight & tailight, larger fuel tank (switch to YZ seat and tank for a better riding position), a steel subframe instead of the aluminum one on the YZ and a few xtra lbs. The WR also comes with a throttle stop that only allows about half throttle so you need to either cut it down to YZ spec or replace with the YZ screw. The WR also has a different timing setting that can be changed to the YZ setting as well as the "gray" wire that can be cut or removed from the harness. The WR also comes with a spark arestor and a coolent overflow tank.

In additin to Dustdogg's list, the WR has a heavier, more restrictive exhaust, a heavier flywheel, and an ignition with a lighting coil as well. The CDI box is similar, but a different part number as well.

Don't forget the comfy suspension. :lol

I think with the 2001 in question - both the YZ and WR had a steel subframe.

The CDI also has a different ignition curve but with the YZ timing change, throttle stop and Grey wire mods it's not very noticeable when it comes to HP.

the WR has an 18" rear wheel, YZ has a 19", carb has some differences, primarily the ACV. Tank petcock has reserve setting.

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