will a hub from a wr250f fit a yz 450f??

So I was wondering if I could switch rear wheels on my wifes 2007 wr250f to my 2009 yz450f? I am looking for a spare wheel if I needed one in a pinch and I thought I would ask before i just tried it


Nope, the axle size was increased for 09.

I Think it should fit how ever you might need to purchase new wheel spacers to fit the larger axle size.

Nope. This has been tried already. The earlier rear wheel bearings are 22mm ID x 44mm OD x 12mm, and 22mm ID x 50mm OD x 14mm. There aren't any 25mm ID bearings that match the other dimensions, so you can't go that way.

You could press some 1.5mm thick steel sleeves into a pair of older axle blocks to shim the 22mm axle up to fit the new swing arm, but it would be tricky business.

thanks everyone for your imput.

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