IMS 3.1 tank & Scotts Steering Stabilizer

Hi All,

I have been a member for a while now but this is my 1st post, lots of great info on this site thanks everyone.

Question, (I have done a search but cant seam to find the info I am after)

Can or has anyone fitted a Scotts Steering Stabilizer Under bar mount kit to a 2009 WR 450 with an IMS 3.1 Gallon tank. Looking at pics there does not seam to be much room for it.


It'll fit just fine.

It'll fit just fine.


I don't have a stabalizer but I have the tank and there's plenty of room :ride:

I just put a stabalizer and Clark 3.6 gallon tank on my 08 WR..........I did use the over the bar type kit and there is more than enough room...........

Don't have the IMS tank, but the one from Acerbis (13L in size).

As you can see from the pic the submount damper fits perfectly!


I've got an 07 WR450 (same bike as yours) with the 3.1 IMS and GPR under bar mount. Plenty of room.

I do not know of any IMS/Scotts fitment issues at all and I know your WR setup will work just fine. I have seen a few Clarke Rm two stroke and Cr500 fitment issues but it is very few and far between.



Thanks guys,

I appreciate the responses and I will go ahead and order a scotts damper.

Thanks again.

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