motojackrack bike carrier

I just had a 2inch reciever class2 hitch installed so I could try my freinds jack rack. I need to take

my bike to the shop,but my trailer is snowed in. Plus I really want one of these racks so that when I

want to go for a ride I can skip the hour it takes getting ready and I can travel safely with my

bike.(my trailer is very old) I just searched on the net and it stated that the rack needs a class 3?

Anyone here have an opinion on this rack and its use with a class2?

You might be OK with a class 2 hitch. It all depends upon the weight of you bike.

I've talked to the guy that makes the Motojackrack he's a pretty nice guy. Give him a call and ask him.

Sorry no definitive answer.

I did find out that they make two racks one for bike under 300lbs and one for over. He assured me that I would be just fine with the standard rack (under 300). Although I just thought about the fact that I want the rack with the optional gas can attachment. Bike weighs 265 + 3.2 gallons + 5 gallons (8lbs/gallon). Hmmmmm over 300lbs...


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Be safe. If your vehicle isn't a little Geo Metro or something, get the Class III hitch. You can feel more confident with a class III. That's all my family has ever had for hitches, its worth the money.


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I totally agree with Toxic. If you can swing it, get the class III. I don't think there's much of a price difference anyway.

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