Dr. D Carbon Fiber Exhaust Repair

Has anyone attempted to repair a carbon fiber exhaust? I have the Dr. D carbon fiber muffler on a 2009 YZ450 I recently bought and apparently the previous owner did not repack it soon enough and it developed a soft spot on the number plate side of the muffler. It is not worn through or cracked so i was debating either putting some epoxy on a stainless steel plate and bridging the soft area to the stronger area and then riveting it in place or buying a carbon fiber repair kit and laying a couple layers of carbon fiber onto the weak area. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or what would be the best way? I called DrD and they would not just sell me a replacement carbon fiber can (or SS which I would prefer). They would however let me send it back for repairs but I figured I could still take a shot at it because either way the can is toast. Also, what approximately does my muffler exhaust temp get to?

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... what approximately does my muffler exhaust temp get to?
That depends a great deal on the condition of the packing, which is why that's so important to a CF can. (BTW, the cans on both my SS DRD systems are aluminum) A well packed muffler can still reach temps of over 300 ℉. It can go much higher with a hole in the packing. The mid pipe at the muffler can run around 500 or higher fairly easily.

The carbon fiber used for the cans uses a high temp resin. Typical resin like that found in a cf repair kit won't hold up to the temperature. You could try using a little JB weld on a thin piece of tin on the inside of the can like you initially mentioned. As long as you keep good packing in it that might be fine.

On a side note, I bought a carbon fiber silencer that already had a soft spot in it just like you describe. I got it cheap and figured I would just run it. I repacked it often and the spot never got any worse and never cracked. After 2 years I am still using it.

Just my mind wandering around on its own, but a double layer of Maier heat tile (bottom of the page) between the packing and the can on the inside might also be effective.

Thank you very much.

Here's a pretty good resin that'd work to fix the soft spot. link

My favorite resin is Resin Services' HTR-212 resin with HT-386-99 hardener. It can handle up to 350-400f, is clystal clear, semi-flexible and super tough. The only down side is the price: $100/gallon, and they don't sell it by the quart. If you plan on reskinning your muffler with another layer of cf, it might make sense to buy a whole gallon, then make a few carbon parts to match the muffler!

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I had the same problem with a c/f muffler on my 09. I tipped it over in a corner and my boot was under the number plate and it kinda made the cf soft in one part. I just ordered a alum one from Dr.d. But I do wanted to fix this one and use it as a spare. I was just gonna use JB weld on the inside, which I'm sure would work just fine! But haven't gotten around to doing it yet..

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