2001 wr to yz flywheel swap

Hey guys, what kinda cash am I lookin to do the wr to yz flywheel swap? Also I don't have to split the case do I? And is there anything I need to do at the same time as swapping the flywheel?

A lot. You need:

YZ crank

YZ flywheel

YZ Stator


Some re-wiring.

You lose the e-start

Why do you want the YZ flywheel, because it is lighter? If so, there are options available from Trail Tech, I think, perhaps Stealy.

Ok thanks, but it's 01 so no electric start what does that change?

Not much, AFAIK.

Why do you want to change the flywheel?

i got a good deal on the bike, and i am a pretty big guy so I just want to get as much power out of it as possible

Flywheels do not change the power. They only change the delivery.

I assure you, your bike stock has more power than you will need. Do the suspension first. If more power is a must have, lighten the bike, port it, do cams, big bore. A flywheel only changes the ability of the engine to speed up.

But if you really want to go faster, practice.

For an 01, the cranks are the same...but you will need everything else...stator, rotor (flywheel) CDI box, wire harness...

As William said, it will not change the amount of power, just how quickly the bike revs. A better option if you really think you need more power would be to make sure all the free mods are done and then YZ time the exhaust cam...

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