question about a petcock for wr400

is there any way to get the fuel filter for the petcock without having to buy the whole assembly? i was told i have to buy the whole assembly, and that they do not sell just the little filters for them. i need 2 of them, i have a 98 model wr400. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks

yes you need to buy the whole thing...or just put an inline filter on the fuel line and forget about it - only problem is you'll run on reserve all the time on either setting unless you glue a 1.5-2" standpipe on your "on" side. Make sure whatever epoxy you use isn't gasoline soluble.

thanks a bunch, i'm just going to put a filter in my fuel line. spend a few dollars on a filter or 46 dollars on a petcock? i'll go with a filter since im not a avid rider. thanks again.

I used a piece of aluminium tube from a hobby store that press fit and didnt need and adhesive.

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