Can I insure a WR?

Hey guys, I can normally be found in the DRZ section but my ride was stolen last weekend and I am looking to try something new.

I do need a bike that can be ridden on public roads though, and do not know much about the WR's. Can they be insured?



ANYTHING can be insured for the right PRICE

If your bike is street legal they have to give you insurance as long as your insurable.

My agent told me mine were insured as "personal property off premises" in the event they were stolen and beyond that I'm on my own.

You might try I got the best deal from these guys for my yz450. I pay around 8 dollars per month. A small price to pay to protect against thieving bastards :)

I have full coverage on mine from Nationwide. It's about $15/month. Totally covered.

Full coverage from farmers, $10/mo. Just wanted fire and theft, but the price was the same.

Progressive is the best. And yes you can. At least here in Cal.

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