Can I insure an XR R?

Hey guys, I can normally be found in the DRZ section but my ride was stolen last weekend and I am looking to try something new.

I do need a bike that can be ridden on public roads though, and do not know much about the R version of the XR's, I know the L can be insured but I am hoping the insurance places do not know the difference and I can sneak an R onto the road. Can they be insured? I am posting on some of the other forums as well, I am interested in maybe getting a YZ/WR or an XR/CRF if I can find out which are insurable.


I insured mine for full coverage before it was even licensed or street legal. Here in Colorado all they care about is the displacement. They don't care if it is a dirt bike or not.

In California, you are supposed to have liability insurance whether it is off or on road. I insured both my XR650R and my KLX300R through Progressive Insurance. :)

I pay $112 a year thru Progressive. Full coverage, $250 deductible. That also includes coverage for $1000 in aftermarket parts.

Absolutely! You can fully insure the 650R , and you should!

I don't know how things are done in BC, but here in Texas, they are not picky about anything, insuring the bike was simple. And registering it for the street was even easier. All I had to do was take the bike to the nearest Harley shop which does inspections, and ask for an inspection sticker. Fill out a form, pay for the sticker, and there ya go. No blinkers or anything, just need a brake light. But they didnt' check that since he said "I'm sure it's ok". Freakin great! Then apply for a street title with the inspection reciept, and you're done! Street legal! Hell yeah! I use Progressive insurance :thumbsup:by the way. They seem to have the best prices for bike insurance, and are very reputable.

I have insured my xr650r in Victoria, BC. There are a number of XR650Rs and CRF450's on the road here. All I did was get a Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit and then had it inspected at a shop that is approved by ICBC.


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