Tim Ferry's 426


i'll bet my lucky wooden nickle that they run MR2 or something very very close to it. the AMA has rules on what they can and can't run.

of course, there is also the standing "i won't tell if you won't tell" agreement too on what they *spike* it with. :)


Over the years I have found that the publications embellish the facts. The are a form the press and they have to sell copy.

The most accurate and least embellished are Dirt Rider and Cycle News. We are lucky to have so many publications to choose from but, take the info they give out with a grain of salt.

We are even more lucky to have a site like this one where people like BK can help dispell some of the inaccurate info given to us.


I agree with you guys. I think I've been doing this stuff long enough to know most of what's important to keeping my bikes running and staying safe. It's not like I was going to run out and look for plastic gear sets. I just thought it interesting that it was mentioned in more than one of the major mags.

I don't believe they made it up. I think they had to hear it from somewhere. I do know there is such a thing as mis-information though. I was an Intelligence Specialist in the Navy for 21 years. I still think the mags are a good source of general info though, just like this forum. One thing that most people overlook though, is that most of this information is based on opinion or a certain skill/experience level of those providing the info. It's just like asking a pro level rider what suspenion settings to use. Unless you ride at the same level, those settings really aren't going to benefit you! I'm sure though that you'll get all kinds of useful info from that pro-level rider. The trick is knowing how to use it. Thanks for the replies!


like a kid again!

00 YZ426F

01 TT-R125L (my son's)

91 CR125

83 YZ490

74 Hodaka Super Combat(gone but not forgotten!)

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