Aluminum frame care

Hey guys,

I have a yz 450 (08) that I want to clean the frame up on. It looks anodized so I don't want to go scrubbing on it without some advice on cleaners and applicators. I also ahve some scratches on the swing arm I would like to buff out.

Any suggestions. If you work on these frames to you just take the anodized coating off and screw them up?



I belive the polished aluminum has a clear coat on it. Metal polish does nothing due to the clear coat. I just wipe mine down with wd-40 when cleaning. As far as getting scrathes out I haven't had much luck with anything. If you want it to shine like chrome like some bikes you see, the clear coat must be stripped off and aluminum polished heavily.

Your frame isn't anodized unless some paid to have it done in the past. There is a thin coating on the frame from the factory that will wear off over time. I use #00 steel wool on mine to remove the boot marks and to shine it up slightly after washing. It doesn't polish the frame but brings some shine to it and leaves a bit of a brushed look.

I use Eagle One mag wheel cleaner (the formula for casted surfaces). The stuff will make your bare aluminum look BRAND NEW again ! Be warned the stuff is slightly less corrosive than straight battery acid :ride: so be very carefull and don't let the chemical sit on bare metal for more than a min or two. I also use a 3M scotch brite pad and rub the frame. Rinse off with water severall times !

real simple, WD 40 or similar and green scotch brite Amazing results. Used by all the factory mechanics

Steel wool and a bunch of elbow grease. My frame stays looking better than new...just hit it before putting her away. The steel wool will produce "dust" (it'll break down), so be sure to keep that junk out of your chain, peg mounts, etc.

See? My bike with 35 hours on her...


Keep that dust out of your mouth, nose etc btw.

Aluminum dust is apparently linked to alzhimers disease! :ride:

I already have that so no problem there. Uh, what was my question again? Oh yeah. Thanks guys. That 35 hour YZ looks awesome. So you spray paint your clutch cover?

No spray paint...the covers on each side have normal wear on them. I may ultimately take the covers off and sandblast them...leave them natural. I have to check into it a little more though...cause they're magnesium.

Here's another pic that shows it better. I'm not one to spend hours and hours trying to keep my bike looking new. But I wash it after every ride, and hit the frame with steel wool...and every once in a while use some plastic polish.


...oh, and after I'm done washing and drying, I get a rag and get it a little wet with WD40, and do a quick wipe of the rims and black pieces on the motor. It keeps those pieces shiny (WD40 won't evaporate) with the added benefit of dirt not sticking as bad when riding.

I use autosol polish paste and a lot of elbow grease and comes out like a mirror easier to just remove the swingarm too

I tried a green scotchbrite pad on one spot and I ended up with a small polished spot. I would guess the frames are bead blasted or something. Is there anything I can do to keep roughly the same finish/color?

Take that scotchbrite (or better yet, some fine steel wool) and spend an hour making your pretty lady shine. Once you get her done for the first time, then it's just maintenance after that. A quick wipe after riding to remove boot marks and such...and you're golden. It makes your bike look SOOOOO much better!

See the pic earlier in the sexy!

I buy the pack of Steel Wool that has coarse, medium and fine textures to them and use them as polishing pads with Mother's Mag Aluminum polish. Once that is done I hit the frame again with the Mother's Powerball and a little bit of the polish. I use the fine pad to get the boot and other marks off after every ride...

Cool. I mostly want to get the scratches out from rocks etc. I know they won't all come out but maybe it will look a little better.

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