re-outing the vent hoses

Ok i have ANOTHER dumb question. Why is everybody running their vent hoses to the airbox? Is there an advantage of running them to the airbox verus under the seat?

I really dont like the idea of makeing holes in the airbox if I can run them right under the seat, unless there is a good reason that I should.



You can run the top 2 hoses in the top airbox opening. Just leave the others as they are.

I think guys are routing them to the air box so it doesn't draw water if you stall, then start the engine in a water crossing. Street bikes(at least mine) are vented to the air box so the blow-by and oil vapors are burned. It's an EPA thing. A lot of guys remove the hose from the airbox and vent to the air or a catch-can like one from Pingle for better performance.

As for routing under the seat, if you have a low spot in the line, it can fill with oil and plug the line, or so I've heard. Also you will get oil spooge on what ever is near the end of the line.

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