anyone know where i can get a complete tranny for a 2003WR450f for less than a million dollars???:ride:

Ebay, TTClassifieds

For half a Million I can get you one carved out of Unicorn horn by the Keibler Elves in the Magic Forrest...or you could try www.cycletherapy.com

Sell you my whole engine for $4000.

WHat all do you need? Did you really cook EVERYTHING?

i didnt cook everything. i want to change 2003 yz450f 4 speed to a 5 speed....so, both shafts, shift forks, shift barrel,i am going to use all the gears from the 4 speed, just want to add the 5th from the WR and switch out the first gear. i know i can get all the stuff from yamaha, but just one shift fork is $70.00 from them, so i was trying to find a used one. and an 2006 5 speed tranny is 14mm too long for the case, otherwise i would get an 06 tranny. the gears are the same part number, but the shafts are longer in 06

For $150,000.00 I have a complete 07 gear box,and will throw in

the rest of the bike at n/c.Sorry could'nt help my self.Just seems

like another bike is way to go.Yes no? :ride:

no, not time for a new bike, dont want the extra weight of a WR....but want some of gearing... some say she's old...its an 03, the bike was 99% brand new when i got it 2 years ago, the the guy i got it from bought it new in 04...and i think he got it just to look at. so this winter i am doing alot to it...new crank and 490 top, and as long as i have her open, gear ratio change. the 4th gear of the WR450f is exactly the same ratio as the 4th gear of my 4 speed

I had that same dilemma and went with a WR450 and have not regretted it for an instant. suspension is much more woods friendly also if that is what you are riding, plus the 18" rear is nice to avoid some flats.

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