My Biggest Fear ....

is being deep into the desert or woods and have the bike punk out and not being able to get it going again.

Flats, or something obviously malfunctioning or broken I can [hopefully] deal with..Getting hurt is a concern of course as well, altho I try to ride within my reach and try to keep off the throttle as I build skills...not easy with this much torque available!!!!

It's the wierd glitch where the bike dies or won't start that creeps me out.... a loose wire , a clogged tube, an electronic failure ...that I couldn't diagnose on the trail....

I consider myself an average + backyard wrench

Riding a new 2009 WR450F Yamaha , that from what I hear is very reliable. I am new to dirt riding, and for better or worse I will do a lot of solo rides, likely in places that won't see alot of traffic, esp as I ride weekdays more often than weekends, with a big chunk of time spent in Utah and Colorado mountains ev year, altho this issue can happen close to home of course [N Calif]

The QUESTION IS: what do you guys do beyond the obvious [good tool kit, regular maintenance, pre flighting your bike, yourself, etc] to keep your bike reliable ?


The best answer I have for myself is easing into the more remote areas and build confidence in myself and the bike. Read alot online about others travails on the trail, maybe get a SatPhone, tag along with others as the op arises,.....

Be great to hear any and all advice from you guys about this concern and any offbeat problem you may have had on the trail!


I have a lot of miles on my 2006 WR, most of them WITH other friends. Greatest piece of mind (and fun) I know of. Bike will probably never really let you down.

The few times that I have ridden alone I dial things back a bit so they don't have to come looking for the carcass. Get a riding buddy, and a tow strap.

I have not had a breakdown in 30 years. Good maintenance is key. Stay ahead of the curve. Sad part is I ride with others who are not as conscientious. So I spend time trail side fixing them and waiting. But then they have to buy me dinner.....

Riding alone is never wise. A breakdown is nothing compare to a real bad fall.

A few years ago, I was up 'at the farm' and it was hot, my goggles were bugging me, so I took them off. Within 30 seconds, I caught a pricker in the left eye, pooped a contact out and hurt like hell. I stopped as quickly as I could safely. A nick on my eyeball and a scratch on my face. I was lucky but I was 70 miles from home, missing a contact. Fortunately, my contact was stuck on my jersey! I learned a lesson. Never took my goggles off when the engine was running again. The moral is even though you are just out motoring about, crappolla happens. Minimize the risk, do not take a stupid risk.

Just the fact that your concerned (cautious) is a very good start. Try to relax an have fun. You will think more clearly when your not so stressed.

I rode alone sometimes and I don't have a worry in the world about braking down, or anything, just love riding, but one thing I make sure I do everytime I go riding with people or by myself is to take my phone, just incase something does happen,

actually the only fear I'd have is running out of fuel, that would suck

Sat phone and credit card and you are set! :ride:

I ride a lot solo as well ... just sometimes hard to coordinate getting guys together last minute and all.

I've been thinking about buying a Sat phone. Those SPOT things would be good if you crash and can't get out of the woods, but if the bike breaks down you can't hit the 911 button and get a helicopter ride out for that.

I've only ridden alone a couple of times (09WR450F). When I do I go to a "smaller" riding area as opposed to the wide open desert. I get cell phone converage throughout those areas. Then I stick to designated trails and I send a txt to my wife each time I ride a trail and each time I return to the truck. If I change trails mid-ride I send her a txt. I figure if I do go down they will at least have a place to start looking.

I never worry about a bike breakdown. In almost 40 years of riding I have only had one problem which was a loose and shorting kill switch which I fixed with the tools in my pack. That bike still has that switch and it has not been a problem in over five years now.

You're on a WR, go ride!! I ride solo a lot too and my 05 has never even sputtered.

i have dont almost 4000km solo riding... never had a failure from my WR450

knock on wood.



same as above, I dropped my '06 and put a 1 inch in crack in the clutch cover that was pumping out a good amount of oil, I peeled a 661 sticker off my fender and slapped it on the crack which slowed it down to a little ooze, I then noticed that the rear was flat (prolly why I crashed), I limped 12 miles home and all was good.

It's startin to seem like I bought the right bike..........

Thanks for all the feedback guys!


Let me give you some free advice before you learn the hard way:

As some readers may know (should anyone care) i busted a hole in my case cover not too long ago because I had an inferior skidplate (the stock plastic POS) and a rock got through it, so... go out and get the biggest baddest thickest skidplate and set of bark busters you can find. Pushing your bike out through the rocks and a river isn't 1% fun and (In my case) it totally is preventable. Its a 1 time investment that will really pay off the one time you have to use it.

Other than protective gear (for you and your bike) regular maintence (Maintence nazi-ism) will reward you. Other than that treat it like a WR and enjoy it to the fullest :ride:

spare plug, plug spanner, tyre irons, tyre repair kit, safety wire, medical kit, master link for chain, small chean breaker. zip ties duct tape..

Basic spanner, wheel spanner. cutters, and longnose pliers.

All fits in my fox bumbag, some of the heavier items i zipty under the seat on the frame,

Just off the topic a little and back to the solo riding, most of my mates don't have bikes, and the ones that do have bikes, well it's not the greatest either, mainly because there less experienced or because they have smaller bikes, kinda makes it hard when riding I find anyway, and just from the time I've had my wr, it likes to go fast not slow, anybody else have that problem or do you's ride in a club or something like that,*

And I too agree about the stock bashplate, is crap, plastic. Not worth a butt, I haven't got myself another yet , only just got the bike, no $$$$

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