Anyone know where the 2010 yz450 article is that they recommended a woods setup?

Cant seem to find that article and they gave good clicker settings for woods that worked pretty good as well as a good map.

Thanks guys.

Use the search, type in: 2010 woods

You'll get 5 pertinent threads in the top 10 hits.

boy... cant find it. Cant remember what company/magazine put it out.

So how would this bike handling and weight wise feel compared to the 09 in the woods be? Is it REALLY woods worthy?

Personally... I've riden both... the 09 I believe is 9 lbs lighter due to the way the 10 was designed as well as efi. The 10' feels lighter though and turns 100x better... I also like how you can tone it down for effective woods riding as if your almost running a flywheel. Other than the gas tank being small and the largest one you can get at 2.5, It's an awesome trail bike even stock in my opinion... of course if your a decent trail rider. If your not... Id recommend a Kmart trail master. lol. Serious though... it turns better, feels lighter, and is extremely stable at high speeds... I couldnt ask for more.

Going to try mine tomorrow! Pretty stoked!

I was putting around the yard in first using the clutch and I had no problem getting up small little curbs and holes, the clutch is great on this bike. I have a feeling it will be fine in the woods when I take it, even with the stock map. I have to wait for my tuner in the mail, takes 2 weeks apparently.

Comparing the weight and balance to my 250 two stroke (05) it feels very similar, I can't really notice the difference. Bike is very easy to turn and does not feel heavy at all from front or back. I noticed right away that the radiators are much lower than my two stroke, maybe to help with the center of gravity?

The oil drain bolts are retarded, both of them are in a position where if you leave the bike on a stand it leaks all over the place. The only effective way I can drain the oil on this thing is to loosen both bolts, and lean the bike against me at a serious angle and drain them into a bucket...

Too bad the triangle didn't fit on the other side of the rear wheel, cause then it would be perfect for this.

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