2009 450X - Recommendations for a good engine/transmission oil?

I am religious so far about changing my oil/trans fluid after every ride, but I'm noticing the costs piling up. Can anyone recommend a good alternative to the Honda Pro line of products? I'd rather not pay those prices every time I change my fluids...as often as I do, I'd think a cheaper alternative might be the way to go but I don't necessarily want to sacrifice quality either.


i have running rotella syn 15w40 in engine blue bottle. rotella 15w40 dino oil in gear box white bottle. rekluse recmonded it for trans can get at wallmart for cheap :ride:DirtBike-1.jpg

and so it begins..........................

Every ride? That seems a bit excessive.


If you are not racing , every ride or even every 10 rides is excessive , to be honest , if you are trail riding i doubt your hitting over 6000-7000 rpm max and are not putting anywhere near the stress as someone racing would be , and unless your riding in pure dust and constant 100+ degree weather , i seriously doubt you would need to change the oil more than 2 or 3 times a year , i just switched to Rotella 5w-40 Synthetic from Amsoil 10-40 Synthetic , and its 1/2 the cost of the Amsoil and i cant tell any difference in the motor noise or performance , i have 6 rides on it and it still looks clean , so i doubt i will change it till winter so i may have a dozen or more rides on it from now before i even consider changing it , my bike has 2300 miles of single track and MX track and desert riding on it and still on the original piston and rings , the recommended maintainance in the manual is for Racing and riding hard and revving the crap out of your motor , not easy use , as you would have from trail riding !

The only thing i would recommend is just using a good Synthetic oil , and changing it once in a while , just dont let it get dirty , that is when you start getting excessive engine wear , but not every ride or even every 2 or 3 rides , that is just a waste of money as far as i am concerned

If the bike is getting dirty, so is the oil. The aircleaner is a good guage of how much dirt is getting into the oil. If it's dirty at all, change it, and the oil. That is how I guage my oil change intervals. Never more than three rides no matter what, but every ride if the bike is filthy.

You get what you pay for as a rule, and even sometime pay for more than you get if the oil is over-hyped.

If you want quality, it won't be .79c a quart, and if you change every ride, you'll go through a lot of it. This equals spending a lot of money.

For you to reach your goal, something has to change about how you are going about it.

I recommend oil analysis. Google it, but one good outfit is Blackstone Labs, http://www.blackstone-labs.com/?gclid=CPD28LL__KMCFcpS2godIUeVJA

Motorcycle specifics: http://www.blackstone-labs.com/motorcycle.php

An inexpensive analysis (~$25) will show you where you and your oil is, and how you can efficiently manage your change intervals. Like others have mentioned, you are most likely well within spec for taking care of your engine with 2-3 changes a year.

In any case, locate an analysis outfit of your choosing, and use it for the peace of mind. Isn't that why you change after each ride? :ride:


Going to depend a lot on how and where you ride. After 80 miles of blasting sand washes in Johnson Valley, my oil is shot. One ride...

yup its how and where you ride, remember that crank case vent has no filter- and the x engine is indeed a very hot turned engine. Change it every ride if you can, i even changed my xr250's every 3 rides... its a 1991 that i bought new in the 8th grade, still running strong with zero oil useage today! where as all my friends who use cheap 30w and never change it have long past burned there bikes engine to the ground. The most damage Iv seen (because all my friends make me fix there crap) from lack of oil changes and them raceing the engine when cold is small end of the rod, and cam- heck my freinds old XR200r was in bad shape, sounded like a ford powerstroke diesel, the cam was so loose i pulled it out without removeing the caps! Im amazed it didnt jump the chain- required a new head due to the 200 not haveing cam berrings what so ever.

I use amsoil motercycle 10w40 with zink, great stuff- iv never laid a wrench other than valve adjustments on any engine iv owned, mostly due to not hitting the rev limiter and changeing the oil.

my friends blow everythign up, its sick (no pun) even a friggin yamaha rino 660 in the dunes! somehow they blew the big end threw the case, the only way i can imagen this happening was the thing was on its side or upside down (efi) while revved up- anyway- $900 in parts and a week of my evenings wasted

If you abuse a engine it will fail weather you change the oil every ride or once a year

Common Sense and as needed maintainance and cleanliness is key to engine life , i dont change the oil every ride , not even close and my engine has lasted 4 years , and will most likely last 4 more , someone hitting the rev limiter while a vehicle is upside down deserves a high repair bill !

When it starts to turn color then change it. Doesnt matter how much you ride or where, the oil will tell you when its ready. (oil/filter/tranny all at the same time) Unless you dont put enough time on your bike.

If the bike is getting dirty, so is the oil. The aircleaner is a good guage of how much dirt is getting into the oil. If it's dirty at all, change it, and the oil. That is how I guage my oil change intervals. Never more than three rides no matter what, but every ride if the bike is filthy.

Exactly right in my opinion, unless you ride street and never get dusty or dirty.:ride:

I also send an oil sample in to CAT machinery once or twice a year it is similar to the analysis posted above

I cant believe this is not a 20 pager yet......you people are slacking.

Spectro Golden 4, both sides of engine. After 5 years of hard riding and some Desert races, a couple of 24 hour races, I finlly broke 5th gear. My mechanic split the cases and said it looked brand new inside. He said to keep doing what I've been doing...

I change my oil every three rides(about 250 miles) and alway put in a new oil filter

How about Maxima SynBlend? I ride desert and change oil and clean filter three times a year season (Oct thru April). Four if I feel it needs it.:smirk:

I have been running Amsoil 20W-50'in the engine and 16oz. In the transmission w/16 oz. Of the Honda 10W-40, I do this to offset the cost. Yes I know I'm mixing viscosities, don't care. Amsoil is formulated for our bikes, look on their website and the tests they perform. Their shear stability blows the competition out of the water. Forgot to mention they formulate their oil with additives to keep the clutch from slipping. And also note, I cut mine 50/50 on the transmission, they say this might not allow for one to run it as long.

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