Hot Cams in 07 YZ450F

I have considered putting Hot Cams in my 07 YZ450F and was wondering if anyone on here has tried them in that bike, either the Stage 1 or 2, and what they thought of them? I had them in my old 426 and liked them but I'm not sure how much difference they'll make in a newer, better-tuned bike like the '07, especially since the Hot Cams are the same for 2003-on even though the engines have changed over that time.

I haven't tried them, but from what I know, I would think that you're right about the stage I HC's. They are very probably milder cams than the OEM '07 cams, maybe even milder than the '06's, or perhaps about equal to them. I'd think that the stage II's might be an option, but let's wait until you hear from someone who maybe has actually used them checks in.

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