Crated YZ426 Delivered Tomorrow

My brand new YZ426 should be delivered to my door some time tomorrow and I am really excited. I plan greasing all of the linkage and the steering before I put the bike together and loctiting (probably spelled wrong) the sprocket bolts. Is there anything else I should take a look at before riding the bike? Any other bolts I need to be concerned with? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

You may consider some loctite on the lower shock bolt, especially if you remove it to service the linkage.

You should change the oil very frequently at first. During break-in my ’00 shed quite a bit of metal, I just replaced the filter when metal was present (although you can clean and reuse the filters, they are mesh, not paper) so you may want to buy a few filters now and a case of oil.

Lots of guys here, myself included, run Mobil 1 automotive 15w-50 but the Yamalube 4R semi-syn that is recommended in the manual is probably better for the break in period. The dipstick is only accurate when the motor has been running, I just add 1.8 quarts after every oil/filter change. The procedures outlined in the manual are pretty clear and understandable.

At some point after the first three or four oil changes you should check and clean the screen in the bottom of the in-frame oil reservoir, it is attached to the hose fitting that is just above the glide plate, it needs a 24 mm socket or wrench.

Hope this helps.

I would also recommend greasing the wheel bearings. Especially the front bearings.

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