Front tire profile?

How much difference does the width and profile of the front tire make to the steering of the bike?

I was just talked into buying a 90/100-21 front tire (Bridgestone M403) in place of my existing 80/100-21 (Bridgestone Gritty-ED77).

The store owner said that the 90/100-21 would suit my 2004 WR450 better and that the 80/100-21 was more suited to a 250cc.

It's still quite muddy where I'm riding (we are just coming out of winter), hence the move to the M403 to cope with the wetter conditions. The rear has an almost new M404 110/100-18 fitted.

I'm now just a little concerned that I've made the wrong decision by going for the wider profile front tire. At this point the tire is still in it's wrapping, so can be returned.

Has anyone tried a similar setup?

I don't think you're going to notice much on 10mm of profile. Might be a little more "square" and have less edge bite. Try it, see what you get. Wider profile may inhibit the bike from wanting to fall into the turn and want to upright itself a little more. Again, 10mm total width is not a lot.

I guess trying it is the best way to find out, but I just hate the thought of having spent money on something that might be the wrong choice.

I also have to remind myself that this is not a race bike, so making choices that aren't optimal won't actually do me any harm! :ride:

Just try it. Unless you are a pro you probably won't notice a 10mm difference if no one told you it was there.

Well I put it on today and gave it a decent workout on some of the local tracks.

It felt absolutely magic on the damp loamy tracks after using the Gritty ED!

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