Glamis without a paddle. (my first time ever)

I have always ridden ocotillo and tracks. I"m taking my bike to Glamis for the first time this weekend with some friends but I don't have a paddle. Could anyone tell me what to expect as for traction? Am I going to spend the whole weekend getting barried and hanging out at camp? Any tips?




When in doubt, GAS IT!

I've taken my WR out there quite a few times...but with a paddle. I've seen 500s run knobbies but those guys had to be on it all the time to stay up on top of the sand. Get the paddle tire. It's worth it. The bike will hook up like it's on asphalt.

Don't do it!!!

You will work your bike too hard, and it could overheat. A paddle is cheap, much more then engine failures.


Buy the paddle, I used a Cheng Shin (sp?) w/ 8 paddles and it worked great. I personally would not bother going if I didn’t have a paddle.

I believe you can get it mounted there, maybe not at Sweet Marie’s but there is a place out by the town of Glamis that will mount tires.

Sorry, only been there once and never used the tire service guy, but I know he’s there…

I took my 426 to Glamis without a paddle, even though I had an 8 paddle tire sitting in the garage. :)

Because of the four stroke delivery, it worked OK, and was as fast as anything up competition hill, but a paddle would have been much better.

I abused the clutch and lost coolant trying to get moving with the standard tire.

Next time, I'll put the paddle on. :D

I have been to Glammis a few times with my old KX 250 with out a paddle and I had no real problems, you just have to be carefull because it is super easy to over heat your bike. You will get decent traction as long as your knoby is in good shap. If you can get a paddle before then go for it because you can play in the dunes alot more.

El Cajon cycle center or something like that. It's that little shop right across from Motoworld that sells new and used. I actually went there hoping they might have a decent used paddle. They didn't have any used but they had 3 new ones in there. I'm going afterwork to get it so you and your friends better not go buy all three of them before I get there. (just kidding) Where do you normally ride. I go mostly to Ocotillo and the track up in Lake Elsinore. I'm always looking for people to ride with since I only know 2 other people with bikes. Let me know if you'd be interested in hitting the track sometime. I'm hoping to go up next weekend.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

I heard El Cajon Cycle Center will mount a tire for 5 bucks! That's awesome. That's less than the tube will cost, that your sure to pinch, when you change it yourself.

How are their tire prices? Do they carry all the big brands?

I'm headed to Ocotillo this weekend and it can't come fast enough! I'd be up for hittin' Elsinore the following weekend. Let me know.


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I asked them tonight what they charge and they said 10$. The kid that changed my tire also made me pretty nervous. It honestly looked like it was the first time he changed a tire. I would have volunteered to do it myself if I hadn't been wearing nice clothes. Their tire selection is pretty small, I would say their specialty is more used bike parts. It reminds me of a small Stockers, If you've heard of them. It is a cool place to look around, you'd be amazed at what you can find!! I'm planning on going to elsinore next weekend also. Email me and let me know what day you're heading up. I was actually going to post a thread about going to Elsinore next weekend since it seems like a lot of people on here are from So Cal.


When in doubt, GAS IT!

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Okay, you guys talked me into it. I found a place in El Cajon that will mount a 8 paddle Cheng Shen for $50. Is that a good price? I"m planning on doing it today after work.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

sirhk100,that sounds like a fair price to me.

I'm in El Cajon too,what place are you talking about???

I am an Ocotillo FREAK. I also prefer tracks over trails any day of the week. I visited Glamis for the first time. I paddled up. I loved it. I took the paddle and changed it on the spot. It works way better than a knobby in the dunes. One piece of advice if I may. When it comes to turning, just lay it way over and find the slide threshold, then drift it until your hearts content. Much diffeent than the dirt. But fun in deed.

Ton's of jumps every where. You will not get bored!!

Have a great time!!

Look out for the drunk on bike people.

They come falling out of the sky.



In a race, lead or get out of the way. In life, go in the opposite direction of the masses.





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