YZ 450f Supermoto/Street Legal?

Hey guys! I was over at my buddies shop the other day and he was in the process of converting his CRF 250 over to a flattrack/TT setup. This got me thinking that my 06 YZ 450 would make an awesome bike to rip around town or on the backroads around here if it was street legal.

So, my question is, how does a person go about converting a moto bike over to a supermoto type setup? lights, turn signals, etc.....

Thanks guys!


Here is mine, it is an 03 though. For a stator I am using an E-line stator which to me, seems rock solid. I have heard that they don't make them anymore, maybe they never made them for 05+. If you do find something that works for you, you will have a very fun machine. :ride:


The E-Line external stators were good reliable units, even if they were in the way of some things. But they were discontinued, and never made for the '06+ models.

They will get you in trouble for sure.:ride: But I love mine.:banghead:

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