GPR Stabilizer...

I have had the best customer service experience in my life!. I bought a used GPR stabilizer off of Ebay the other day. I called GPR and explained what I had bought. They tell me to send it in for a no charge!!. I sent it in last friday, thinking that it wqs going to take a week or so to get it in and a week to get it back. Not only did they service and clean the whole unit, I got it back this morning!. I called to order the mounting brackets and hardware, and they gave me a killer discount on that also. I amn in sales, and I know that customer service is king. They went above and beyond to a person who didn't even buy the product from them. Give them your stabilizer buisness please! :):D :D :D

I have had a similar experience with GPR. They really take care of those that use thier products. They have great products and even better service. :)

I just had one installed last weekend. The thing is sweet. All the people were really cool. No extra charge for mounting the unit and free lifetime service. Plus they are at the races supporting the riders. They are the best.

I haven't needed any service on my GPR but I was very pleased in the ordering process and prompt shipment. They were also very helpful during the mounting process. On top of that the unit works GREAT! I've had other brands and they don't compare to the GPR as far as I'm concerned.

I have been using a WER for years now and am happy with it but the GPR people sound great. Do you guys have a web site for them?

What did you pay for it off of ebay Machster?

I paid..are ya ready for this...125.00. The guy had it on buy it now. I scooped it up, contacted joey at gpr, he told me to send it in to have it checked out at no charge, bought the proper mounting hardware for another I am into it 225. I finished the install today and it feels trick on my street...can't wait to get it out in the dirt before our July 15th curfew here in Commufornia. :D:)

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