WR muffler on YZ??

I recently had 10 bikes stolen so I'm looking to replace at least two. I had a Honda CRF450R and was able to bolt on the X model (trail version) muffler which was very quiet and was good to keep the neighbors happy. I'm thinking about going Yamaha this time (loved my son's '06 450!), but I'd like to keep it quiet.

Does anyone know if the the muffler from the WR model of the same year will bolt on to the YZ405F? I've found it's pretty easy to find someone who wants to trade the trail version muffler for the motoX version (and I don't care about the minimal power loss).

I'm looking at new '08, '09 and '10s.

Thanks for your help!


Dude that blows. Didnt you get any back????

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