Awesome jetting LarryCo and Taffy - James Now Question?

Thanks guys, I got the parts installed today and that thing rips (at least around the neighborhood). I cannot wait to open her up in the woods! We are heading to Hatfield-McCoy this weekend- I am really looking forward to it.

I am running: EKN-4, 160 MJ, 160 MAJ, 38 PJ, 65 PAJ, and 1.5 turns on the fuel screw.

My question is this: I am wanting to do the JamesNow mod for a little more bottom end hit, what will this do to my jetting? Do I have to lean it out any with the mod? :)

Dont know...havent tried it myself...been pretty happy with the bike as is. I think that "Wicked Crash" has done you may consider asking him via a PM...


When I did the JamesNow mod, I had to lean out the pilot circuit a little more. A lot of other guys who have done the mod didn't have adjust their jetting though. :D

Hey Larry, how are things going for you in the new flatland? :)


Going pretty well amigo. Havent been home much though, been out here in LA working quite a bit. Should be coming to an end soon...then back to the northlands...

Have plans to go riding FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS YEAR north a bit from the cities. Should be a blast...get a chance to meet a few new folks, shake the rust off the darn bike, and re-do all of my jetting tests! Yeah, first ride since Feb. I believe, when we hit rampart before the big snows came.

How's things going with you? Any big trips planned? Might be heading out that way to get in some riding/fishing from 8/6 - 8/20 or so...depends on the work situation though. I'll keep ya posted...


I had to lean my pilot circut a little also.


Riding for only the second time this year?! That's torture! I'm heading over to Taylor Park for the weekend, should be a blast but I'll have to watch the creek crossings close. I heard the water is high and fast.

My pilot circuit now is a 38 PJ and 65 PAJ, how lean should I go? What about a 35 PJ and 60 PAJ, or should I just leave the 65 PAJ and go with a 35 PJ?

I'd start with the same PJ, but change your PAJ/PAS to 70...then try a 75. If that doesnt work, you can try a 35PJ with about a 50PAJ...then a 55PAJ. If still having issues with the low end, try an EKQ with all of the aforementioned PJ/PAJ settings.

For the midrange, I'd try all of the tests listed above with your current clip#3...and if your midrange isnt very good, try moving to clip#2 with the best PJ/PAJ's from above.

Last thing would be to possibly lean out the MJ 5 or so...which will subsequently affect your clip position, so you may have to retest on both #2 and #3.

Once you're done, post your results. Just make sure to make only a single change at one time, as you'll be chasing your tail if you dont do it in a controlled fashion.

Good luck!


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