Ty Davis YZ426 gas tank

Anybody get the more recently available version of the tank either direct from Ty or from Montclair yamaha? I'd like to know about the changes in its design, if any.


I have a Ty Davis tank, bought it a few months ago. Did it get revised already? What is diffferent?

I'd heard the pipe thread fittings would be changed, but have not had confirmation. This was back in the Fall. Were your petcock and outlet spigot all put in with tapered pipe threads?

Wooohoooo guys!!!!! Got it from Ty himself, the pipe-fitting spin-out from overtorquing problem has been redesigned on all the in-stock tanks! It's now like a normal petcock, machine screws and an O-ring, no spin! They're made by IMS, a pretty reputable company.

Petcock's on the left, as per normal, there's just a cross-over tube.

Skinny seats for me! Now it's time for original YZ skinny with WR range! I had heard that this was the tank most like a stock YZ426 tank in terms of not being fat at the seat, and my only reservation had been the insert-spin from overtorquing problem. Problem erased, here comes my tank!

There's a slightly different revision soon coming out for the YZ250F because the kick starter is slightly different than the 426.

Check out www.terrycable.com, Zip-Ty tools page two for pictures of it. Yeah, I'm pumped!


Do you have an aftermarket, high-boy header? What is the clearance between the crossover fitting on the right side and your header?

I'm going to continue to run my stock header. You can see from the heat-shield that the pic on Ty's site is the tank with a stock header. It shows the clearance fairly clearly. Seems to have quite a bit, perhaps tighter back towards the kickstarter. I haven't got my tank yet.

I really like my Ty Davis tank, but I had to sell my Procircuit T4 because the header had clearance problems with the tank. Even with the stock header, the tank gets warm by the header. I was worried about heating the fuel and so I put a piece of reflective Al foam backed sticky tape on the tank.

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