whats it worth?

I got a buddy that wants to sell a mint 2008 yzf for 4500. All he did with it is ride it up and down the road enough to wear the rear tire out. Is that a good year? Right now I've got a 06 CRF450.

There are some in my area going for $3000 - $4000 with some aftermarket parts. I wouldn't give him 4500. You should tell your friend if he wants to ride on the street buy a street bike :ride:

True. He's selling it cause he didn't even know how to ride one and wound up hurting himself on it. If you put new tires on it you could pass it off as a new bike, its really that clean.

Been seeing left over 08 and 07 yes I said 07 for 3999 BRAND NEW ! yikes my bike is worth nothing!!

Ask him whats the lowest he'll go. I wouldn't give him any more than 4000 if its pretty much brand new as you say, even thats pushing it if some one has seen them at a dealer unridden for the same price. And you said he hurt himself on it? So if he only rode it on the street, and hurt himself, does than mean he laid it down on asphalt?

Nobody who has never ridden a dirt bike has no biz on a high performance 450 or a 250 for that matter. He should be on a TT125 or an XR.

i think he flipped it back on dirt trying to do a "wheelie" wound up with some broken ligaments in his elbow I believe. Not a close friend, just somebody I know. I guess he thought that if he got a fo-fiddy, he would be RC reincarnated. When that didn't work out he decided to sell.:ride:

I didn't see a scratch on the bike, the clutch and flywheel covers aren't even scratched.

Ahh got it. Well it is your money, and it's always good to do whatever you think is best, personally I wouldn't give him more than 4k, and if I had 4500 bucks to spend on a bike I'd put that as a down payment on a 2011 450 :ride: but that's just me.

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