Hey all, I went to the local bearing shop here and was unable to find bearings for my rear wheel (99 WR400) and so had to order them from my local gouger... er dealer...

Anyhow, Koyo apparently only sells them under contract to Yamaha, which is why 2 bearings and oil seals and circlip and dust caps and collars cost me 100 bucks, 50-60 of that being the bearings themselves.

Question: Does anyone know the bearing #'s for the rear wheel bearings from another manufacturer that will work? Or am I stuck buying Yamaha's overpriced stuff?

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Often you can call that aftermarket bearing supplier and give them the oem Yamaha bearing or part number, and they will cross-reference it to their product.

Did you check aftermarket bearings like all balls or moose? Usually the moose kits are a fraction of the originals and come with bearings and seals.

Yes, but being where I am, the cost difference to get them from the TT store or elsewhere is minimal due to shipping and customs/duty costs... not to mention the 4-6 week shipping wait, whereas here I get them in 3-5 days. :ride: i guess it is what it is.

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