Back yard mx/fun tracks

I've got access to a 70,000 sq metre plot of land and have made a new friend with a huge digger and an mx bike who's agreed to help construct an mx track for fun riding and hopefully big enough for the more serious freestylers round here looking for a practice pad, stoked indeed :D

however I havent a clue where to begin, anyone able to point me to some sites or some info they have regarding layouts and heights of jumps etc ??? any help hugely apreciated :D :D

(btw, any Fellow TT'ers in the area more than welcome to come and play.. :)

Always wanted an excuse to go to Portugal! :D

Seriously, the best thing to do would be to visit a track you like and measure, photograph, and sketch their jump layouts as well as corners and berms. Find the guy who does the dirt-work there. Those guys work very hard and are always changing and improving their track. I have never met one who didn't love to share his ideas and experience. Tell him what you are up to and ask advice. :D

Hey, it's carved in dirt, not stone! Experiment if you have equipment and enough dirt to play with at your disposal.

First, before anything else, draw a scaled layout of the track shape. Determine the locations and types of jumps afterwards. Take advantage of natural terrain features. Plan for drainage if the weather tends to be wet. Watering if it's dry. Use long loops inside of long loops to maximize lap length. Avoid blind jumps if the track will have several riders on it with no flaggers. If your friend is a good operator AND a rider, AND has equipment; you've got it made! :) they build tracks and have some track building tips you can check out.

thanks guys, some good advice and an awesome link :)

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