suspension and rebound

i rode my first race yesterday and i have noticed that when i go through whoops and jumps, my bike springs me in the air. i'm trying to figure out how to adjust my suspension and rebound.. does it need to be softer or harder? please help! thanks.

before gear, i weigh 215. i set my sag already (or at least i thought i did).. i keep seeing things about clicking to set the rebound but which way is softer and which way is harder? lol..:ride:

Clcokwise is more rebound damping, CCW is less rebound damping

If the bike is "springing you in the air" or pitching you forward a bit, then yes you need more rebound dampin, clockwise, righty-tighty.

I've found there is a fine line in rebound....too little and you have the effect you are feeling, too much and your suspension will start to feel harsh and kick sideways. Sometimes it gets a little confusing as to whether you have too much rebound or too much compression as they both translate into harshness. Before I mess with compression I like to get the rebound set first. First finding the point to where it feels too springy and then adding some more rebound just to the point where the wheels are not bouncing anymore. The suspension will feel a lot smoother if the wheels are able to move quickly enough to use almost all the available stroke for the next bump. Too much rebound and the next bump hits the wheel while it's deeper into it's travel making it feel much harsher and kick sideways.

Adding to the good input already received, the reason I asked how your sag was and what your weight is: if you weigh too much for the spring rate one resulting factor - in addition to bad bottoming and a bike that rides rude on the small stuff - is the inability to control rebound.

There is too much stored energy when the shock spring bottoms out because you and your gear are too heavy for the springs (this is presuming you are not properly sprung for your weight) and the rebound is unable to prevent the shock from extending too fast (rebounding).

thank you guys for all the help.. i will let you know what happens :ride:

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