help help help the dealrs dont know what is wrong starter...

my 07 WR 450 starts easily when using the kick starter, however when the electric start is used I do not get spark.

the starter cut-off relay checks out

the starter cranks quickly and with authority

battery is full charge

checked all connections that I can see - look good

dang any ideas?

Are you sure there's no spark? The starter turns the engine much slower than the kickstarter. The ignition circuit is no different with or without estart. What year bike is this and does it have the stock wire harness or aftermarket (i.e - Baja Designs, etc)?

I'd be looking at things like the safety switches:



If there is a kickstand cut-off

Actual switch itself

If it fires kicking, but not electrically, I'd start there as it doesn't seem like its a motor or mechanical issue.

Try starting it with the clutch pulled in and see if that causes spark.

with the plug removed the starter motor turns the engine over very quickly,

no spark using the e-starter only kick starting

I used both the kill button and the starter button neither allowed spark

the starter cut-off relay checks good.

the safety switches dont allow spark either

I tried with clutch in and out, in neutral and in gear

no kickstand switch

keep the ideas coming!!!! thanks all

A weak battery will do what you are describing. Put a meter on the bike andn check it.

The one thing in the wiring diagram that is unique to the estart circuit is the blue\black wire that connects to the blue\white wire on the cdi itself. It is grounded by the cut-off relay but I'm not sure what it does. Obviously something to do with estart only since the cut-off relay is not active when you kickstart. Since you verified that the cut-off relay is working maybe a broken wire or a bad cdi?

more info....the neutral switch, clutch switch check good, the larger diode checks good the smaller diode has been replaced with new (cant find a way to check it) the starter button works, used both starter and kill button (same in function and hook-up)...kick gives spark but battery/starter does not.

now I have jump started the system by crossing the starter terminals and got spark. I absolutely stink at wiring diagrams and get completely lost, can anybody help?

got it!!!!!! It was the stator or the pickup coil. replaced them both as they are one unit and it works great!

I guess the lesson from this is, no matter how unthinkable it may be that the problem originates where you see some damage, even it it is very minor damage start looking there. I knew the pulse coil had a very minor nick in the plastic covering, on inspection even magnified there was no other damage. but the problem started after I hit the rock and broke my side cover and caused this minor nick in the sheathing.

Thank you for all your help it is truly appreciated! and kudos to PBDBLUE thank you especially for all your help!


You're very welcome. Glad you finally tracked it down. Definitely one for the books!

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