Newbie help, 99 YZ400 electrical interchangeability

I have a new to me 99 YZ400F that is in good shape mechanically. A buddy of mine has done a great job of getting everything in spec or better, no worries there. The problem is it won't start w/o a shot of ether (small shot only) and flames out if you look at the throttle wrong. When he's giving it he gas, it pops like crazy. Jetting has been set per spec from FMF to match the exhaust, a new head gasket has been installed with proper torque, the valves are dead on, the carb is clean as a whistle with all new gaskets, cams look great, timing is on, etc. We've narrowed it down to electrical. I'd like to try and get used parts from a reputable dealer, but have no idea which years are interchangeable. I have used the search function and learned the 2006 stator aparently works in nothing else, but what year coils, stators, and cdi will work in my bike?

Thanks, bryan

Bump. I'm trying to save some cash with reputable used parts, but need some help on what years work. I have searched.



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