2010 Missing gears?

I've noticed over the last few weeks occasionally I seem to miss a gear/find an extra neutral? Oil is changed regularly and at proper levels. Noticed it last week coming into the first turn. I'm starting in 2nd so it can't be neutral, at the time I was changing from 3rd to 4th I think and it just missed a gear. Had it the week before as well on a long straight. Its not doing it all the time, but its definitely happening. Any ideas, is it a bent selector, or a worn gear or what? Bikes done approx 26 hours..


Missed gears are 95% operator error.

My 2010 is hard to shift, so missed shifts are more common than my honda. Just have to be more aware when shifting and use more force than before.

My 2010 shifts fairly smooth.

I must complain that finding nuetral on this bike with the engine running at a stop is impossible... Can't even do it with my hand.

sometimes I can find it if I'm at a standstill with the engine running in second to nuetral, it's hard but sometimes do-able.

If the engine is off, it clicks right in...

When I coast to a stop, sometimes it will go in, other times it will not.

When I rock the bike back and forth with the engine running it will not go in nuetral...

Maybe there's something up with this tranny, or just needs to be broken in??

Mine shifts fine, fairly smooth. Nuetral seems to get easier after some time. I always seem to find it when riding in the rough while shifting to second...lol. Never had any shifting problems!

In addition to the good input already written, check to see if your shift lever is loose. One YZF bud had a loose shifter and every so often it would not go into neutral or be difficult to get into a gear....but it would still shift. Just shift like crap.

Ok thanks, the shift lever is definitely not loose. Can it really be operator error if I find a 'neutral' between 3rd and 4th?? Going from 1st to 2nd I understand but surely there shouldn't be one between higher gears?

Moving the shifter down a tooth may help you out.

My nuetral issues are getting better, I can now shift into nuetral from rolling to a stop. But still cannot find nuetral when the bike is stopped and engine running..

More time I guess.

its not in nuetral its in between gears a false nuetral mine does the same thing pretty scary actually

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