Street bike question - Help me out here.

$8500 for the FZ1, I know it's not a V-twin but at 140hp. it doesn't have to be to wheelie. R1 inspired but real world ergo's. Definatly my next street bike.

I'm in the same boat this year. Currently I have a '94 FZR1000 and a'89HawkGT (and the WR400). I have decided that another scoot is in order and a big v-twin is looking better and better.

so, you forgot to include the Aprilia (Falco, milne, Mille-r, Futuro) series and the WSB Honda RC51 in your mix of choices. :) well, the TL series from Suzuki. The TL1000s & the Honda VTR1000 are great looking play bikes for cheap!

Seeing as Aprilia dealers are scarce in Canada, I'm looking more and more at the RC51.

But.. big V-twin? ...when you can have a GSXR (in-line-four)that weighs 375lb and puts out 150hp at the rear wheel. yoikes!... perfect for those of us that like third gear wheelies. :D

it's a tough decision I tell ya. Much like large-bore thumpers,I think it boils down to where you want your peak torque to be... and how big your rear-tire budget is going to be.

Why I don't want to get a superbike:

1) WILL go WAY too fast

2) WILL get tickets

3) Don't particularly like the bent over position and swept back handlebars.

4) Bikes seem way small for my 37 inch legs and 6'4'' height.


6) Japanese street bikes aren't as interesting to me as the others.

7) I could MAYBE be talked into it though after seeing this awesome blue Yammy yesterday.


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Hey Bryan,

A friend of mine has a Buell. He can't say enough good things about it. As far as the shake - He just went out to see if there was a shake he wasn't aware of. He says its very smooth, but does have a long stroke.

just my .02 cents.



I agree on those superbikes. Mike lets me ride his Katana 600 when he takes out his CBR 929 and wants someone to ride with. Even on the 600 I do not feel all that comfortable, especially when cornering. I will admit that on the long straights, they are a blast but I just don't like to push the cornering. He is a madman on the 929. And it creeps me out how fast he goes on it.

We are taking these bikes down to Santa Fe with the dirtbikes. I will enjoy my dirtbike time more than the street bike time. He is trying to get me to buy the Katana off him but I'd prefer a more laid back bike. Plus, I find these superbikes uncomfortable.

Are you sure about the 650? With your size, I would at least get a 750 or bigger.


I recommend the Ducati. I have the Monster 900 (my 2nd) and it is a blast and does it all well. Good power & sound, handling, stopping ability and dependable. I'm up in Golden so if you'd like to take it for a test drive let me know.


Hey LeeR! I LOVE The Monster but it barely has a rear seat! That's the ONLY thing I don't like about it!

What year is yours?

I'd like to chat with you about it. I'll email you in a few...


I rode a SV650 last week. I put about 100 miles on it. I will purchase one :). The one I rode had been re-jetted and had a d$d pipe on it. It may have been a suzuki but it was great.

I had a 98 VTR1000f my hands could not deal with the position.

check out

I intend to buy one next month. I am buying a

non s model it is going to cost me 5300.00

at my local dealer the s model was 5700.00.

Oh and the insurence on the Zuk is much cheaper than the duck.. so are the parts.


Ducati - great if you don't mind the repair bills and limited service options in the area.

Buel? Harley reliability. A year or so ago they recalled every bike they ever made.

Yamaha (FZ1), Suzuki (SV) and Kawasaki (KZ?) make "naked" bikes that fit the bill. Honda makes the VFR800 "sport touring bike" (what I have) and the SuperHawk. All are good choices and should be pretty reliable to bulletproof. If you want reliability put the Duc and the Buel at the bottom of the list.

The SV seems well loved by most of the owners I know. Kinda small for a big guy.

I love my '98 VFR.

BTW, did I mention the Honda's come in Red? Oh, and if you don't like that you can always get Red... or Red if you like.

Sorry, just torques me off to see lots of colors in other countries but only one or two for a model in the US.

Bryan I think youll be kicking yourself in the butt if you dont get the Ducati. They are awesome bikes, my buddy had 2 of them, a 99 Monster and 00 996, the Monster is the funnest bike I have ever ridden, then the 996 is the meanest, for some reason when ever he does let me ride with him I get stuck on the 996 (oh darn) he wont even let me look at his Monster anymore. Go with the Ducati.


Bryan, I too love the sound of the v-twins and share your concerns about going at crazy speeds. I think that Yamaha make the perfect bike for this application, although it's not a v-twin it damm well sounds like one, don't you guys get the TRX 850 in the States?? Take a close look at the motor it looks like someone decided to stick two wr400 motors next to each other plus they sound fantastic!!!

The best street bike in my humble opinion, (the one my wife won't let me get) is the Honda VFR 800. Simply put it is the best all around bike you can buy. Many cycle magazines crowned it that very thing I believe in 99. It has an awesome mix of outstanding technology, fantastic looks and ergonomics. Not a crotch rocket, not a cruiser. Very sporty looking and very comfortable, and rides like a dream. The technology integrated into this bike is fantastic. Pull the front brake, 2 pins compress in the front, 1 in the rear to maintain balance, and lots of other great features. Do yourself a favour and take a very close look at this bike. Also it has a good "chick" ;)seat.


00 WR400

00 XR 50

99 KTM 50SX Pro Senior


Go out and get an SV650!!!!! They are awesome bikes, I would venture to say that it will out run a Monster, and it is a lot better than a Buell. I test rode a Buell last year,at a local dealership, and at idle they look ridiculous! The front wheel is hopping off the ground, the turn signals are flopping wildly, and the cowl around the instruments is vibrating like mad.My vision was actually blurred while sitting on it at idle. The bike has a lot of torque, but has NO top end. We ran it next to my stock ZRX 1100, and it wasn't even close, even though the Buell supposedly has more power.The Ducati is MUCH better, but requires a bit of maintenance, and is a bit expensive.

I've probably stepped on some toes with my remarks, but those are my opinions on these three bikes.

Buy an SV 650, you won't be disappointed.


00 WZ400

01 Yamaha Raptor

99 Kawasaki ZRX1100

99 Yamaha Warrior


Here's my two cents.

Parked next to my WR426 in the garage is a 99 V-Max. Yeh, I know it's an old design, but it scares the hell out of me when I want it to, just like the 426. That's why we get these things, isn't it?? Plenty of back seat. I plan on ordering the passenger seatback when my 5 year old gets a little bigger. Good shopping!!

Honda VFR V4 with Heli Bars. The ultimate blend of comfort, power, sportiness, and cruisability. O did I mention they are good for 50k miles easy and hold their value like gold bars. Man are these bikes smooth. O one more thing the single sided swingarm is a thing of beauty. Someone in CO please let Bryan ride your VFR. I have not ridden a Duc but I know I want to. Have fun choosing.

All you guys that know street bikes help me out here. If you don't like street bikes or think they are too dangerous, don't lecture me. I'm a big boy and am going to get one and you CAN'T STOP ME! ! ! !

I really want a V-twin. Why?

1) Torqey - Good for wheelies

2) Upright seated position - More like my dirt bike

3) narrow wheel base and light - fun for twisties up in the mountains. Great handling and flickible bikes so I hear.

4) Lots of power but not crazy fast ( zero to 60 in 4 seconds instead of 2.2)

5) Handlebar position not swept back like a crotch rocket and not chopper style like a Harley.

So my choices so far are:

1) Ducati Monster - I've wanted one for years and was ready to buy. But it has a CRAPPY seat for a passenger. I have two boys that would want to go on short rides and my optomism says I should have a rear seat for that future special someone. You know, a chick seat! New about 11k

2) Buell X1 Lightening - Seems like an awesome bike. A little more horse power than the Ducati. A better rear seat. American made. I'm a little concerned about reliatiblity and have heard it shakes like a Harley. Is this true? New about 12k

3) Suzuki 650SV2 - Seems like a real nice bike and I've heard nothing but good about it. Has a great passenger seat. Not sure about the power compared to the others. It is 1/2 the price of the other two. But... But... it is... a SUZUKI! How pathetic is that? Would I be the laughing stock?

What say? Can anyone offer other advice? Don't tell me to get a Harley. I actually want to be able to enjoy going around a corner! :)



What kind of question is this. You know you're going to get a different answer from everyone who replies.

I have 2 street bikes, a 96 BMW K1100RS and a 00 Honda VFR800. They both have there strong points. Use them for totally different types of riding.

IMO. From your list you'd probably get the most bang for the buck from the Suzuki. But, since I haven't ridden any of them its just a WAG. Good luck!

What about the Suzuki TL1000 or Honda Superhawk?

Duc 748 would certainly be my first choice! I think Fay Myers' still has a '98 748 in the crate for around 9k.

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