Street bike question - Help me out here.

Oops - just reread your post Bryan stating that you didn't want a superbike style ride..

BMW R1100S is the perfect bike, torque, more torque, speed, handling , great looks and some cool options like heated grips, ABS and lots of carbon fiber

Here you go Bry, go for the new 1800cc V-Twin Honda cruiser.

1800cc's...what is up with that??!!!!

The thing is claimed to have 120 ft-lbs of torque!!

Ducati 996 SPS..........biposto rear seat

buy the best,forget thr endeth the lesson

I'd look for a nice used Suzuki TL1000S. They have a ton of power, are they are comfy too.

If anyone knows of someone looking for something a little more racy.... my GSXR is for sale.

I friend has a 750 Monster- very nice, but a little odd. Lot's of torque, and a blast to ride.

I second the above notion-Buell means Harley. Unreliable.

The SV looks great! Probably the best bang for the buck, but you're right the Duck is nice.

I just bought a '01 Yamaha YZF600R (not the R6) in Feb. With bar risers, higher windshield and soft bags (ok the jet kit, Yosh pipe hehe), this makes for an excellent COMFORTABLE sport bike, a medium duty touring bike, and enough power to get into trouble :)

No wheelies without abusing this bike, but it's worthy of at least a look.

I actually had a deposit down in Sept for the FZ1, but withdrew because I thought it would be too unmanageable (143 hp). If you're worried about chick appeal, believe me all the local cuties are ALWAYS waving at me on it.

V-Twins ducs are pretty cool, but the excess wind blast from the fully upright, naked position along with the buzz that nawls at you after a trip away from town. The same friend with the 750 monster just bought a Katana 600 for that reason. Smooth, and comfy for the long haul.

If you do decide on the duc, drop me a line I know a guy you should talk to for tips!!

Thanks everybody. Great suggestions. But the 900 Monster is my dream bike. It's Italian, sexy, light, flickible and all that.

Lee set me straight and showed me that Corbin makes a replacement seat to make it slightly more passenger friendly. So I get my dream bike AND can take a passenger (although not great distances).

Here is a picture of the seat from Corbin:



Originally posted by Bryan:

Thanks everybody. Great suggestions. But the 900 Monster is my dream bike.

Better than the Buel IMHO.

Just make sure you put cardboard under it in your garage to catch the dripping oil. Hey, I'm not kidding... I've seen several of these with leaks. Cool looking bike and it should fit you better than an SV.

One final warning... the parts come via slow boat from Italy... if you need to get it fixed it's gonna sit!

BTW, if you need to find some people to ride with (including some other Duc riders) check here:

If you go for a Monster get the new 900 S4. My VFR stomps on the smaller ones and it's mild mannered as far as sport bikes go. (ok, so I also smoked a kid on an 916 too... mine just had a higher top speed)

Once again, the SV is a great bike if you fit on it.

I do know several people that tour on R6's and F4's. More flickable than the Monster and several thousand cheaper.

The only things going for a Duc are:

Italian cool factor

Sounds neat

What's not cool:

Italian reliability (or lack of) factor

Doesn't sound so neat after 100 miles and your ears hurt

I would buy a Suzuki TL1000S. I had one before and it is a really funny bike. Wheelies very easily in first gear and, at the correct rpm it wheelies at scond gear without clutch (about 7500 rpm which is around 100 km/h). Not to extreme riding position and a really nice engine. The thing I remember most of the TL is that awsome engine, a lot of torque and power. With aftermarket exhaust pipes it has a really nice sound too. Passenger seat isn't the best but a lot better than on the Monster. When they hit the market in Europe (-97) Suzuki had not finnish the TL completly and I had a lot of warranty jobs done on my TL. It is all corrected nowdays, but I would buy an -98 and forward.

But, I agree with you, the Monster is a cooler bike... but not better.


Yamaha WR400F '99

Honda CBR600F '98

Aprilia RS250 '99

Out of the three you stated, The Duc has the most style, and class. But when it comes down to it, the Suzuki Is just a kick in the pants to ride and handles great. I think it has the best "FUN" factor. The Buell is also an extremely fun bike, I honestly dont think you could make a bad choice. The manority of bikes on the market today offer fun and reliable service. How much you want to spend is the big deciding factor. You might ever consider moving up to a TL1000s, big bang, lower buck..


'95 DR350, '95 YZ80 (wifes) 2000 DRZ E

IMS 4.2gal tank, DSP frame protectors, DSP fork guards, Acerbis DHH Light, Renthal Bars, Yosh slip-on, Topeak computer setup, 13 front sprocket, WER Skidplate, Thumper Racing Radiator braces/guards, Moose Handguards with Deflectors, and many more to come.... Where is the kickstart on this thing....

OK Brian, Confession time. I am THIS close to buying the SV650. Have been thinking about it for a while. If you do decide to get one, get the red one. The blue one is mine :)

I've read nothing but good things in the mags about it. And it is just what I have been looking for. A good looking sporty bike that I won't kill myself on.

The one thing that has been keeping it out of my garage has been getting the final OK from my wife. But I am close. A new XR250 for her is going to do the trick I think.

Hey Bryan,

Just got home from Ft. Collins went up there with my roommate to pick up his Ducati ST2, just got it today, the thing is sweet, He bought it used, $8300 with every singel carbon fibre goodie possible, sweet bike. Just go with a Ducati.

Marty, Fay Myers also told me about the Ducati ST2 when I said I wanted a better passenger seat. But I didn't like the swept back handle bars as much as the Monster. It is a nice bike though and more versitile than the Monster since it comes with removable side bags for touring. I might still keep it in mind. I might go back to Fay Myers after work.

Dougie, yes the Suzuki is an AWESOME bike and AWESOME deal and is probably faster than the Duc. It also fits me better and has a great seat and needs NO mods! But it is a SUZUKI! It's like comparing a Ferrari to a Mustang. Sure the Mustang is awesome and fast and fun and cheap. But it's not the sexy, sleek Ferrari.

I'm in this for all looks and sound and handling baby! It's kind of like a Euro Harley thing. Cruising with occasional bursts of fun, twisties and wheelies.

Besides, I have two friends that race street bikes (up near the Berthod track) and if wanted to go crazy-ass fast, I'd buy a Honda CBR 600 and have Brandon go to town on it and let them take me racing.

Now that I've found the seat from Corbin for the Monster, it's just a matter of:

Which Color?

New or Used?

Chromo or Monster Dark?

Monster 900 or Monster S4?

Decisions decisions decisions!

Thanks everyone! This has been WAY fun!


Oh baby!

How's this for an Italian sweatheart?

Monster S4


There is no denying that the Italian bikes posses a certain sexiness that the Japanese bikes simply don't have. If you can afford the price differential, you'll probably have a lot of fun with a 'Duc, but the it is a significant $ jump. I ride a '98 Suzook TL1000R (along with a KTM 360 and a DRZ400) and it absolutely rocks for the money. Only one problem, I don't have the skills (b@lls?) to use much of what it has to offer....and neither does anyone else- at least not for long on public roads. Modern 750cc+ bikes are so damn fast that you can get in over your head in a heart-beat. I love to romp on things, and you just can't do it on public roads for long on these things and live to tell about it. There is also the issue of cops, tickets, and insurance premiums. I really like my TLR, bit if I had it to do all over again, I might go with the SV650.

I'm such a wuss. :-)


Save yourself the headache and dont go to Fay Meyers, I know 5 people who have gone there and everytime something was screwed up, the biggest was when my friend Jake went to buy is Ducati 900ss and they just sort of forgot to charge him taxes on the bike. Then when my roommate was first looking for an ST2 they tried screwing him over on financing, take the trip up to Ft. Collins and go to the Ducati and BMW dealership up there, Ill drive you up there or give you gas money if I have to, anything to keep you away from a crappy dealership im my opinion. Just my .02 and my experiences.


I agree cetris.

When I asked both of my friends why they road raced in the 600 class, that's exactly what they said. One of them races at a pretty high level and does well and he said he can barely tap the potential of a 600 cc engine much less a 900 cc. In fact, he doesn't even ride a street legal bike on the road. He says it is absolutely NO fun for him to have a race bike with a race engine and drive around anywhere near the speed limit so he doesn't even bother. Plus, he insists driving 60 mph on 6th avenue on a motorcycle is MUCH more dangerous than going 130+ at the track. When you crash at the speedway, you usually skid for a while and hit the hay bails and get back up. It's not the end result at rush hour.


I purchased my VFR at Fay Meyers and got a really good deal on a great bike. Almost two years later dealers are still asking for more money for the exact same year/model than what I paid. However, I arranged my own financing through my credit union and I didn't just pay what they were asking.

Also, I'd never get it serviced there. I've heard major horror stories.

Don't know if I'd buy a Duc there or not. A Japanese :) bike I can get service anywhere. A Duc I think I'd want to support the dealer that will service the thing so they would like me better. :D

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