Installing tank graphics

Okay, I talked One Industries into sending me new tank graphics for my hurricane kit now I have to put them on. I have installed other kits and never had problems but my first set of tank decals have bubbled really bad. What are the secrets that you use for installing these? I've heard to use wter and not to use water, which is right?

Thanks in advance,



When in doubt, GAS IT!


I heard to use alcohol to install graphics because it evaporates faster. and cleaner.

I have my hurricane graphics on the way today so let me know if you find out any secrets!

do you have the entire hurricane pkg on your bike?


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Guess I may have to chang my signature huh?

No more blue

painted the frame black last nite so i guess i am commited to it now!


Yeah I have the entire kit and think it looks awesome. I haven't had the time to strip the bike down and get the frame powdercoated but I plan on doing that eventually. The yellow and blue are actually growing on me especially since my riding pants are a shiny blue. I've had the kit on for a little over a month and have had problems with the tank decals bubbling so I called One Industries and talked them into sending me some new ones for free.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

Hello, you really have to clean the tank free of all oils. I used scotch tape to position the deacal where I wanted them before pulling the back off. I found starting at the top of the tank and working down worked well for me. This way you touch the the back of the decal as little as possible. Hope this is a helpfull hint

Looks like the secret is out...

Go get you duckie and your bubble bath. Seriously, fill you tub with hot water throw in some bubble bath and your graphic and plastic. The combination of hot water and soap will allow you to reposition your graphics as many times as you need to. Remember keep the water hot!


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The tub full of water works. I just used the tip from MrMXers page for my number and background. It worked great. I used just plain dish soap. I had the water hot, but not too hot where I could not work in it.



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What you dont have any bubble bath! Oh...uh.. it my daughters...

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